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The small town of Ilford is located in east London, England, which forms part of Greater London. Having been designated as a metropolitan core in the London Plan, Ilford is a key economic and retail center for the wider south east of England. According to the 2011 Census, its population was 168,168, far smaller than the borough’s total of 303,858. Commercial and retail areas of Ilford are flanked by large residential developments. In the ancient parish of Barking, in Essex’s Becontree hundred, it was originally a small rural community, until its strategic location on the River Roding and the London-Colchester road led it to become a coaching town.

Valentines Park, which is noted for its floral displays and old Valentines Mansion, is one of Ilford’s most popular open places for exploration and exercising. In addition, this town has several shops and stores on the main street, as well as its own shopping centre, the Exchange Ilford. Additionally, Ilford town centre has a variety of restaurants, pubs, and takeaways serving a variety of cuisines, including Turkish grills, wine bars, Portuguese restaurants, and Asian restaurants. It’s diversity and historical buildings makes this town one of the best in England. As such, at Holborn Waste Management we are committed to keeping the streets of Ilford free of waste and clean. Contact our friendly experts on 020 33698 540 to discuss your alternatives and save up to 30% on garbage management solutions in Holborn.


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Both old and new businesses in Ilford can count on us for trash management services. To meet the needs of individual businesses, we can arrange the collection of any type of commercial garbage. We will then ensure that all materials are safely collected for equally safe disposal in an environmentally responsible fashion. It is our guarantee that even the most hazardous, challenging, or confidential garbage will be handled expertly and carefully. Contact us if you would like more information about our waste management services. A free, no-obligation quote can be yours within an hour.

The region is famed for its greenery, with Valentines park, famous for its floral displays, and Valentines house being two of the more well-known examples. When humans generate waste, it eventually finds its way back to the natural world, whether on land, in water, or in the air. If the waste in Ilford is  not properly collected and disposed of in an environmentally friendly manner, it will end up laying on these beautiful greens of Ilford. The waste must be able to assimilate (take up) without degrading or polluting the environment in which it is received. That means that the waste must be disposed of in such a way that it does not harm the environment. Following are some types of waste:

General waste: Plastic, paper, metals, glass, cardboard, builder’s rubble, garden garbage, and food waste, to name a few, are examples of waste that do not represent an immediate hazard to humans or the environment. It may, however, produce leachate (the brown liquid that oozes out of garbage) with an unacceptable potential to contaminate the environment as a result of decomposition and infiltration by water.

Hazardous waste: Any waste which may, by the circumstances of its use or because of its quality, concentration, physical or infectious characteristics, cause or be likely to cause,

 danger to health or to the environment, whether by itself or when in contact with

 other waste. There are different classes of hazardous waste which

 include substances that are explosive, corrosive, chemically very reactive,

 poisonous, biohazardous (e.g. containing infectious disease organisms),

 radioactive or cancer-causing.


Commercial Waste Disposal Ilford

It has never been more important for both new and established businesses to show their commitment to the environment.  Holborn Waste Management offers a thorough recycling program to handle a variety of materials, so owners and managers facing hectic schedules do not have to worry about this daunting task. There are several types of materials that can be recycled such as paper and cardboard, glass, plastic, wood and garden waste as well as food waste. Most hazardous waste cannot be recycled so they are usually incinerated to create energy to be used as fuel and energy. 

Ilford businesses can benefit from a range of waste disposal services from Holborn Waste Management designed to make disposing of their waste as hassle-free as possible. Local business owners will have plenty to think about with new regeneration plans in the works, so it makes sense to turn to a company that manages commercial waste collection, disposal and recycling in a responsible manner. However, residents have to take their waste elsewhere as we do not provide waste management for residential homes. The following locations are the nearest recycle centres in Ilford:


Frizlands Lane Reuse and Recycling Centre

Frizlands Lane Depot,

Rainham Road North,


RM10 7HX


Jenkins Lane Reuse and Recycling Centre

Jenkins Ln,


IG11 0AD


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