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Stratford is a suburban area in the London Borough of Newham in East London, England. The Lower Lea Valley is about 10 kilometres east-northeast of Charing Cross, and Maryland, East Village, Mill Meads (shared with West Ham) and Stratford City are located in its vicinity. Historically, this area was a part of Essex’s medieval county, in the parish of West Ham, hundred of Becontree. As part of Greater London’s London Borough of Newham, Stratford has been an important part of that region since 1965. After the introduction of the railway to the area in 1839, Stratford grew rapidly throughout the 19th century. A severe economic decline plagued the area in the late 20th century, but recovery over the past decade has been largely attributed to the 2012 Summer Olympics hosted in Stratford’s Queen Elizabeth Olympic Park, the main venue for the Games.


The Westfield Stratford City shopping centre is one of the largest urban shopping centres in Europe. It opened in 2011. As a result, Stratford is now east London’s second most important business location after Canary Wharf. As the local economy has grown, Stratford has become a focal point for regeneration and is home to a number of big projects. Due to its growing economy, Stratford has become an important centre of regeneration, with a variety of big projects going on there. Furthermore, a number of artistic venues, bars, and cafes can be found in the Cultural Quarter of Stratford, near the shopping complex. This then means that there are a lot of waste management needs in the town. But, not to worry, at Holborn Waste we have the experience and expertise to identify the best possible commercial waste management to suit your exact business needs, whether you are a hotel in Rother Street, a bar or restaurant in Waterside, a school or college, a food manufacturer in Timothy’s Bridge Road, or any other type of business in Stratford.


Commercial Waste Collection Stratford

Rather than landfilling waste, Holborn Waste aims to recycle as much as possible at our state-of-the-art recycling facility. We encourage this through offering waste bins that are for separate waste materials to be stored separately.  When most of the recyclable material is separated from other waste types, the amount of material that ends up in landfill is greatly reduced. We offer daily, weekly, or monthly waste removal services for all waste types, non-hazardous and hazardous alike.

As we said, we offer a selection of commercial waste containers as part of our commercial waste management services to meet our customers’ specific business waste needs. We are able to establish which waste containers would be the most suited, (depending on waste kind), economical, and cost effective (based on frequency of waste collections and budget) for our customers after an initial site visit, usually resulting in savings over their present provider. We offer a wide range of commercial waste bins that can handle a wide range of waste kinds, including standard commercial waste, cardboard recycling, glass recycling, food waste, dry mixed recycling, and more. Why not learn more about how we can improve your commercial waste collection services while saving you money and increasing your recycling? To obtain a quote, please contact us now or fill out our online request form to the right.


Commercial Waste Disposal Stratford

Previously, the only alternative for businesses to dispose of their commercial waste was to send it to a landfill. We can now provide some pretty amazing choices thanks to technological advancements. We provide a wide selection of commercial recycling and waste management services, all of which are designed to minimize your company’s general waste and increase recyclable waste while making the process simple and cost-effective. The amount of tourist traffic in the town generates a lot of rubbish and how it is disposed of is critical to the sustainability of the town.

Providing the most cost-effective waste collection and management services in the UK is what we do best. We follow established collection routes, allowing our local waste teams to provide a cost-and time-effective service for waste collection. As a result, our costs will be lowered. We will pass these savings along to you. Having built a reputation for excellence in the area of commercial waste disposal, we have become a leader in the field. The waste collection service we provide can help Stratford businesses save up to 20% on average. We work with our clients to reduce waste generation and assist them with reducing their environmental impact.

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