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Did you know? The future and longevity of our forests depend on how we manage our paper waste production as businesses, either large or small. That is why Holborn waste is dedicated to ensuring that businesses practise eco-friendly plastic waste management solutions. Our friendly and well trained staff is available 24/7 to offer you any waste related services including advice, collections and recycling. You can reach us on 020 33698 540 to learn more about our waste management solutions or to request an obligation free quote.


Each year, the UK produces eleven million tonnes of paper waste. Not sure whether or not you are part of this statistic? We can also create a paper waste audit for you so you can be able to see exactly how much paper waste your business produces.


Paper Waste Management

According to the waste management hierarchy, the best way to manage paper waste starts with paper waste reduction. That means that, as a business, you have to find ways to reduce your paper waste first, either by total elimination of paper products or by using it less and finding alternatives. Below are some of the ways that can help you reduce paper waste:


Going Paperless

We would like to think that this is the obvious first solution. We live in an era of technology now, which makes it that much easier to go from traditional ways of storing information such as paper files  If your business to digitized modern solutions like using cloud storages instead. Going paperless is one of the best ways to avoid paper waste. Instead of printing out documents, they can be kept as digital files instead. Notices, announcements and other activities happening at work can also be done via emails. 


Avoid Printing For Personal Uses

70%  of the paper waste in the office is generated from the personal use of employees. If you can set up a way that will enforce the no printing for personal use policy. This will drastically decrease the paper waste generated at your office. You can make it so that it is rewarding to those who abide by it by forming competitions and other positive reinforcement methods.


Print on Both Sides of the Paper

Sometimes, businesses just have to use paper. If that’s the case for your business, then you can

  • print your paper on both sides
  • Only print what you need
  • Avoid wasting paper by throwing it away when you realise you don’t need it. 


Paper Waste Recycling Process Holborn



The paper is collected from your business premises or wherever it is stored. We then transport it to our recycling facilities for recycling.



The paper will be processed at the recycling centre along with other paper waste that is ready to be recycled. Then they will be graded and sorted according to their type. Office paper, for instance, will be kept separately from newspapers.



Sorting them out is followed by shredding them into small pieces so that the next step is easier. That step is called pulping. Pulping is the process of mixing paper pieces with water and chemicals to create a slurry. Following that, the mixture will be thoroughly washed to remove all traces of ink.



Afterward, the pulp is processed, dried, and rolled into paper sheets into which different kinds of paper are going to be produced. Papers that need to be coloured can be dyed with colour additives while white paper can be bleached or whitened with other chemicals. 

In most cases, when paper is not recycled, it ends up in landfills. However, landfills have proven to not be the best method of paper waste disposal or any waste for that matter. Harmful properties found in paper waste may seep into the ground, causing all kinds of pollution.  

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