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If you are looking for plastic waste management services in and around Holborn? At Holborn waste we have all the resources your business requires to ensure that it contributes to the reduction of plastic waste, conservation of natural resources and our eco-systems and to reduce carbon footprint. We strive to beat the pollution caused by the ubiquitous plastic waste in all of the UK. Contact us today on 01382 604 110


Our plastic waste management solution are:

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We’ll also offer you free bins and deliver them for free. To learn, contact us today or fill in the form for an obligation free quote. 

How is Plastic Waste Created?

Plastic was founded by two chemists shortly after World War II. With an excess amount of resources left over after the war ended, these two scientists accidentally discovered plastic while trying to make something else out of the excess resources. Years later, plastic use has become so ubiquitous that it is even found in the frozen ice of Antarctica. It seems like plastic has made our lives so much easier and convenient overnight. But it is also destroying them just as fast. With so much plastic available at our disposal, we discard it just as easily without second thought because there will always be plastic available for low or no costs at all, anytime. 


This single use and disposable approach when it comes to plastic and plastic products is causing major environmental issues for the whole world. To quote Discovery Science, “There are more than 110 pounds of plastic per person produced in the world each year. At the current rate of production and disposal, there will be more plastics by mass in the ocean than fish by 2050.”


How To Manage Plastic Waste?

Luckily, there are various steps that can be taken to avert the problem associated with plastic waste. The first and perhaps most obvious being reduction of plastic consumption. If your business is able, it can employ different methods to help reduce the amount of plastic consumed. If, however, plastic is an integral part of your business’s productions, then you can implement strategies that will ensure that it is not wasted by being thrown away haphazardly. Some of the strategies you can implement include reducing plastic waste or recycling it.


Plastic Waste Reduction

Let’s look at some of the strategies you can implement in your business to reduce plastic waste.


Get rid of plastic straws – Plastic straws cannot be recycled and they’re one of the major pollutants in our oceans. So, the best way to avoid them going into waste and adding to an already humongous problem is replacing them with more eco-friendly options. This applies to everyone. Either your employees or customers if you own a business that serves drinks. There are other types of straws that are less harmful than plastic straws such as stainless steel straws or glass straws. The great thing about these is they’re reusable and not disposable like plastic straws.

Repurpose your plastic containers- There is no reason to throw away plastic containers after using them. You can repurpose them into storage containers for food or cleaning material. You can even convert them into gardening pots.

Recycling – When all is said and done and you still have tons of plastic waste, recycle. Get in touch with a waste management company such as Holborn Waste. We will ensure that your plastic waste does not end up in landfill and ultimately oceans and destroy our lovely ecosystems. We’ll collect your plastic waste at an agreed upon time, transport it to plastic recycling plants where it will be shredded and melted to create new plastic products.  


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