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Would you like to work with a company that practices environmentally friendly waste disposal techniques? We at Holborn Waste Company are just what you’re looking for. Our license allows us to dispose of trade waste, which means we are able to handle this type of waste with all the necessary equipment and expertise we have cultivated over the years. Free bins, pickup anywhere and anytime are just some of the features we provide to our customers. Additionally, your trade waste will be audited to improve your management. Call us today on 020 33698 540.


What is Trade Waste?

The term trade waste refers to liquid waste generated by commercial and industrial establishments. This fluid waste water is created during food production, such as while cooking or preparing food. It could also come from washing dishes or doing chores. However, this excludes human waste as well as waste from personal hygiene. Trade waste, if not managed properly, can cause damage to sewers and contaminate underground water supplies. As a result, it is important that companies use licensed trade waste management companies like us here at Holborn Waste. If your trade waste is disposed of anywhere or in a sewer, you are breaking the law. The punishment for doing so could be jail time or other sanctions.


Trade Waste Disposal Holborn

There are specific trade waste disposal requirements for different industries. Although every industry produces trade waste, the type of trade waste generated by your business depends on your industry. Thus, your trade waste requirements may be different depending on the type and toxicity of the trade waste. Our company makes your life a little easier by easing the financial and emotional stress of running a business and managing your waste. We are available to meet your needs whenever it is convenient for you. In this way, you are avoiding future problems such as paying hefty fines or even closing your business.

When your trade waste is disposed of in a trade waste disposal facility, it will go through risk assessments to determine whether or not a grease trap is needed based on the trade waste volume and contaminants in the trade waste. We pre-treat your trade waste before it is disposed of in order to avoid damage to our sewer systems. The pre-treatment ensures that the waste will not be environmentally harmful or threatens workers who deal with trade waste and sewage.

Companies that Produce Trade Waste

Business enterprises of all types produce trade waste in one way or another. Bakeries, restaurants, supermarkets, cafes, schools, meat processing shops, etc. have different requirements when it comes to trade waste in comparison to hospitals, mechanical workshops, factories and other heavy-duty industries. However, trade waste generated by restaurants, shops, and pubs can be massive. It is a requirement that they have grease traps installed in their facilities. The purpose of this is to prevent oil, grease, and other solids from entering sewer systems and blocking them. Unless treated, trade waste from industrial facilities could be toxic and contribute to corrosion in sewers, which can cause problems in sewage treatment facilities.

Our trade waste management services can help manage trade waste properly if you run a business that generates waste of any kind. With us, there is no need to worry, everything will be handled professionally and legally. At Holborn Waste Management, we always strive to make life easier for our customers and the environment.


Trade Waste Permit

Our trade waste permit for trade waste collection and disposal grants us the ability to dispose of trade waste. It is not possible to send all trade waste to sewage systems because prior to disposal, a few things need to be considered such as the toxicity of the trade waste and whether or not it poses any danger to the environment and the sewer workers. 


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