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WEEE Waste Management Holborn

The management of WEEE has become increasingly regulated as it has grown so rapidly. In the event that you violate any of these rules and regulations, you’d face heavy fines and imprisonment. As a business, it is important to know how to properly manage WEEE waste. This is why you need to hire a waste company to manage your trash. In Holborn Waste Company, we have extensive experience, skills, and knowledge of how to manage WEEE. Whatever your needs and requirements may be, Holborn Waste Company can satisfy them.


Our WEEE waste management services are cost-effective. Waste electrical and electronic equipment is disposed of according to the WEEE Directive. Our staff is experienced and knowledgeable about all things WEEE waste management, so your business is in good hands. Contact us today on 020 33698 540.


What Is WEEE Waste?

WEEE stands for Waste Electrical and Electronic Equipment. Any discarded device that uses batteries or electricity, including plugs, is considered a hazardous waste. Weee has grown so fast as a consequence of both a rapid increase in electrical equipment and an increase in technology. We tend to throw things away we don’t need. Even when the existing electrical equipment is still in good condition, we throw them away when new ones come around.


Most WEEE items contain highly hazardous substances such as mercury, and this makes them hazardous wastes. If the manner in which we dispose of WEEE waste were not regulated, these materials would just be thrown out anyway, resulting in hazardous metals leaking into the soil and the groundwater. Therefore, so many countries have begun setting regulations that govern the management of weee.


As an example, businesses that manufacture electronics and generate a lot of weee waste are often referred to as primary WEEE producers. Despite the fact that every business has materials that would become WEEE after being disposed of, this does not necessarily make your organization a primary WEEE waste producer. Regardless, if you work with any type of electronics, you must still have a weee collection. As WEEE waste management experts, we can help you comply with the rules about handling this waste.


How Does WEEE Recycling Work?

WEEE recycling requires compliance with several rules that need to be followed by companies and waste companies alike. At Holborn Waste we have over 30 years of experience disposing of waste, making them the perfect company to dispose and recycle WEEE waste responsibly. At a mutually agreed upon time, we will collect your items and take them to reprocessing plants where they will be shredded into small pieces. Steel and other non metallic items receive a separate processing step and will be produced into other items such as car parts, mobile phones, and jewellery.


WEEE items can be hazardous. Care must be taken when handling them. Only a waste disposal company like ours knows how to properly dispose of WEEE waste, so you can feel confident that it is done in a responsible manner.


Re-Using WEEE Items

Electrical items that are still in good working condition may not necessarily be waste. The old electrical equipment might work fine  so you can consider giving it up for donation. If you are interested in selling it as a second hand item, you can either sell it to a retailer that accepts second hand items or to an individual.

Electrical items contain a lot of hazardous substances that can leak into the soil and pollute our drinking water if they are not disposed of properly. In addition, they emit harmful gases into the atmosphere. Call us to handle it for you. 

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